I don’t think there is any chance scrolling our social media newsfeed without the famous “Drake meme”. This meme is undoubtedly the most used meme that is being used in many contexts.

Drake Meme

If you are wondering what this meme means or where it came from then you are at the right place. As we are gonna tell you everything you need to know about the drake meme.
Where does it come from!
Well obviously it has been taken from one of Drake’s video. This is particularly picked up from the music video of “Hotline Bling”. This video is full of Drake’s dance moves and gesture that was well appreciated by his fans.
During one such move, he is seen giving a displeased or disgusted gesture by putting his hand up in front of his face. And in other such gesture, he seems to be appreciating something.
How it went viral?
First time the Drake meme or also known as drakeposting was come in spotlight in mid-2015. In was posted in the context of general discussion of hip hop artist on 4chan.
Although it started on 4chan but soon it was introduced to the Reddit and from there it went to twitter and rest is the history.
On Twitter, it was posted with a cat’s face, which replaced Drake’s face. The first half of the picture shows cats don’t like the cat house (the disgusted gesture) while the other half indicate that they would instead prefer a cardboard box!
Top 20 Drake Meme (Best Of All Time) 2020
Top 20 Drake Meme (Best Of All Time) 2020
Top 20 Drake Meme (Best Of All Time) 2020
Top 20 Drake Meme (Best Of All Time) 2020
From there the Twitterati begin to show their creative skills by producing memes using Drake’s pictures. Although they keep changing or replacing Drake’s face with anyone else and that what makes this meme so viral.
We have a pick up some of the best Drake memes that you would definitely enjoy. So take a look at them and share them with your friends (if you find anything new!).